Duda Farm Fresh Foods, the
celery category leader, now offers
Red Celery – a brand new,
one-of-a-kind celery. Red
Celery is red and is part of Duda
Farm Fresh Foods’ line of flavorful,
regionally grown celery varieties.
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“Duda is a great partner in our efforts to provide our customers with the freshest possible product. Their customer service and communication is second to none!”

Dave Merritt

“Duda is one of the Top Quality Shippers doing business today- excellent customer service, superior freshness and just a great place to trade.”

Mark A. Colvin
Save Mart Supermarkets

“Duda Farm Fresh Foods are great business partners, and with their product quality being superb, our customers reap the rewards.”

Michael Condoluci

“Duda is our produce supplier of the year. That is an honor that was earned. They have provided phenomenal service and great quality in the years they have supplied our company. We are proud to call them one of our key partners across all broad line categories.”

Bob Warnock
Performance Food Group

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